Our Mission

We are dedicated to generating knowledge on the roles of lipids in human biology and their impact on human health, and developing novel medicine and technologies for disease management and health promotion, through conducting cutting-edge research and making breakthrough discoveries.

The Goals of LLMT are:

  • To understand the biological effects of lipids, particularly omega-3 fats and their derivatives, and how they work, and to discover new targets or means for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases, especially those related to lipids or fats.
  • To develop innovative technologies and products and translate laboratory discoveries into practical applications.
  • To foster the education and international collaboration in this field and promote the public’s awareness of the role of lipids in human health.
Director Jing Kang
Latest News
Global Award for Omega-3 Research

Dr. Kang named the recipient of the 2016 Global Award for Omega-3 Research

The Global Award for Omega-3 Research honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to our understanding of the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids and their applications for human health. Dr. Kang was selected for his pioneering work on the anti-arrhythmic effects of omega-3 fatty acids, his breakthrough development of fat-1 biotechnologies to produce omega-3 fatty acids in animals, and the use of his transgenic mouse models to demonstrate the importance of omega-3 in disease prevention and management.

Learn more about the award and Dr. Kang's achievements>>

Research Initiatives
Omega-3 Focus
Omega-3 Focus
Metabolic Interventions
Institute for Integrated Metabolic Interventions
Center for Medical Foods
Center for Medical Foods
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Green Care for Global Health
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