International Programs

LLMT has established international programs to foster collaborations in lipid research and education with leading academic and medical institutions in different countries. We are currently working closely with some universities in China and Germany. The major ongoing programs include:

  1. Research collaboration
    We promote international cross-discipline collaboration to integrate the unique research resources and expertise available in different institutions/countries.

  2. Training program for visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows and pre-doctoral students.
    Foreign researchers are welcome to join our team. Positions with MGH and/or Harvard appointment will be offered to qualified trainees to conduct research here for either a short (6 months) or a long term (> 1 year).

  3. Summer internship program
    Outstanding college students or senior high school students with interest and motivation in biomedical research will be accepted to work here for 2-3 months during the summer to learn knowledge about fats/lipids and health and some basic laboratory techniques. Opportunity of conducting a small project of interest is also offered.


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