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CNN: "A Breakthrough in 2004"

Discover: "One of the Top Discoveries of 2006"

Harvard Focus: "Molecular Medicine"

Esquire: "The Best and Brightest 2007"

Major Media Reports

ABC Australia: "Would you like fish oil with that?"

AFP: "Mutant mice point way to healthy hearts"

Associated Press: "Bioengineering a healthy-heart steak"

BBC News: "Worm gene 'makes heart healthier'"

Boston Globe: "Mice gene research aims at modified food"

CBC News: "Modified genes could produce heart-healthy farm animals"

CBS News: "Heart-healthy steaks and eggs?"

CNN: "Mice bioengineered to be rich in omega-3"

Harvard Crimson: "Worm gene may improve diet"

Harvard Gazette: "Heart-healthy beef may be in future"

Harvard Medical News: "Modified mice make omega-3 fatty acids"

HealthDay: "Scientists create mice that produce heart-healthy omega-3s"

HUM-MOLGEN: "Mice make fish oils for healthy hearts"

Innovations Report: "Gene transfer allows mammals to produce heart-healthy fats"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Trying to add healthy omega-3 fats to meat"

New Scientist: "Gene-altered mouse produces fish oils"

New York Times: "A step on the road to healthy fat"

news@nature: "Designer mice make heart-friendly nutrients"

Reuters: "Mice bred to produce omega-3 fatty acids"

San Francisco Chronicle: "Scientists alter mice to produce omega-3 acids"

Science News: "Gene transfer puts good fats in mammals"

Science News for Kids: "Moving good fats from fish to mice"

ScienceNow: "Of Mice and Meat"

Scientific American: "GM mice make heart-friendly fats"

Times: "GM mice produce healthy fatty acids"

US News & World Report: "Fat chance for meat"

USA Today: "Healthful omega-3 may worm its way into our diets"

Washington Post: "Gene-altered mice create healthful oils "

ABC News: "Pursuing Healthier bacon through biotech"

All Headline News: "Geneticists pave way for "heart-healthy pigs""

Associated Press: "Pursuing healthier bacon through genetic engineering and cloning"

Boston Globe: "Worm gene eyed for heart-healthy bacon"

Canada Press: "Pearl of a swine: Genetically modified pigs could yield pork high in omega-3"

Capital Press: "Genetic research pursues healthier bacon"

CNN: "Scientists chase healthier hog"

Daily News Record: "A dream menu"

Daily Telegraph: "Pig fat now good for you"

eDiets: "Genetically modified meat: Good for the heart?"

Forbes: "Scientists produce heart-healthy pigs"

FOX News: "Harvard geneticists engineer 'heart-healthy' pigs"

Harvard Crimson: "Study: A light side of bacon"

Harvard University News: "Researchers create pigs that produce omega-3 fatty acids"

HealthDay: "Scientists produce heart-healthy pigs"

Healthy Living: "Brave new bacon"

A Hearty Life: "Pork with omega-3 fatty acids"

Harvard Medical School WebWeekly: "Light shone on disease-fighting effect of omega-3s"

JournalStar Top Story: "Scientists pursue healthier bacon"

Los Angeles Times: "The fat from these pigs may end up helping your heart"

MIT Technology Review: "Healthier bacon"

MSNBC: "Healthy pork may be possible via cloning"

National Geographic: "Cloned pigs produce healthy pork?"

New York Times: "Cloned pigs could provide meat that benefits the heart"

New Scientist Tech: "This transgenic little piggy boosts your brain"

Reuters Health: "Cloned pigs could produce healthier bacon"

Shanghai Daily: "Fish fatty acid found in swine"

Star-Telegram: "Don't go hog-wild for genetically engineered pork yet"

Supermarket Guru: "Omega-3s now in bacon and pork chops"

The Scientist: "Getting omega-3s from pigs"

Times: "Why the fat from this little piggy could be good for us"

USA Today: "Pursuing healthier bacon through genetic engineering"

Voice of America: "Scientists clone pigs to make omega-3 fatty acids"

Washington Observer: "Cloned pigs advantageous to health?"

Washington Post: "A new source of good fat?"

Washington Times: "Researchers bring home heart-healthy bacon"


Analytical Chemistry: "Raman sensitivity takes a quantum leap"

Chemical & Engineering News: "High sensitivity imaging: Raman-based method maps lipids in cells and drugs in tissue"

Men's Health: "The government's big fish story"

Post Magazine: "Long-distance call"



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